Basic Understanding about Sidewalk Texture

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Streets are very important infrastructures in every country. Without proper streets, the society cannot do their activities well. In the streets, sidewalk is very important because this is the right and safe place for pedestrians to walk around without getting worried of collision, deaths, and injuries. Though there are some cases that cause pedestrians to death in the streets, this is because the sidewalk texture is not good. That is why, every people have to understand sidewalk function better.
Sidewalk Texture for Pedestrians
What will happen if there were no sidewalks? The pedestrians are forced to share the street with the motorcycles, cars, buses, and trucks. Of course, this is very dangerous for the safety of the pedestrians while they also have the rights to get proper facility in the streets. Good sidewalk texture should be considered as a priority by the government to be given to the society. Not all of the countries in the world have the same big concern about sidewalk for pedestrians.
In developed countries where people have realized the function of sidewalks, we will not get surprised. But in developing countries, there are still many of them which do not really concern on providing good sidewalk texture. In fact, there are still few countries that can be good sample of providing proper sidewalk. One of them is Singapore. In Southeast Asia countries, Singapore is not leading on the economic aspect but also its infrastructures.
Those who have been to Singapore experience themselves that the infrastructures in Singapore are very good. From the public transportation, you can find MRT which is the most favorite and used transportation by local people and tourists and also buses with reasonable fare. You can also find many gardens and trees to calm down the heat. Also, it has good sidewalk texture that can be the sample for other developing countries.
In making the sidewalk texture, there are factors or characteristics that should be understood and considered, such as the type of the streets, climate, location, and the pedestrian friendliness itself. By building the sidewalks, there will be positive impacts on accessibility because of the surface type and the grade. Every party who will make better sidewalk should consider the characteristics very much. They also can look up the good sample from other countries.
Grade or slope is the basic thing about making sidewalk texture. This is parallel to travel or pedestrian direction when they walk in the sidewalk. Then, this is counted by dividing the vertical line in the elevation and horizontal distance. If you want to know further about sidewalk, you can read and find the guidelines. There are many sites that can provide you about sidewalks and other public infrastructures. We can imagine if there will be good sidewalk for pedestrians, they do not have to worry again if they are hit by any vehicles because they walk in the right space. People should also not to use the sidewalk as a sudden parking lot because it steals the public space for walking.
Description: good sidewalk texture is needed by every society in every country. It gives privilege to pedestrians to walk safely without getting hit by the vehicles.

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Outrageous Things to Know of Nice Modular Homes Design

clayton mobile homes

The popularity of having nice modular homes today is increasing rapidly. This particular thing could not be just come up all of a sudden, right? There have to be things of the so called modular version of house itself that bring it into high level of popularity. If you are so curious of this matter, you will be able to get the answer soon enough for sure. So basically what is a modular house style? It is a type of house that could simply be said to be pre-made so that the customers could buy it in a full and finished state. It is unlike the conventional version of house that will need to be built on the spot; this will be built in a large factory warehouse before being delivered to the buyers.
Why there are today more and more people prefer to have nice modular homes? One thing is that this type of house is highly affordable. You will not need to spend a lot of money in purchasing anything you need to build the house in retails. The company will have bought the materials in numbers so that they could cut the production cost resulting in affordable price. So you can really have almost any house that you want in low price by having the modular home design.
What else that makes the nice modular homes so popular today? The idea that it will not take a lot of time to do and ready to use is the reason. You will not need to wait for one part to dry before continue the construction as in conventional house. There will be no need of inspection as well since everything has been prepared and tested by the factory while the house is being built earlier on. It really is quicker to order modular home design instead of trying to build a new conventional house.
How can it be recognized then? You can really be able to find that nice modular homes usually have the so called metal tags on the outside area of each section. The tags are small in size that is made of metal. You cannot miss this mark for real so that it will be easy to know whether a house is a modular one or a conventional one.
Furthermore you will also be able to find the information of the house itself on the electrical panel box. There are many things that you could know regarding the house including the manufacturing date as well. Now that you have gotten the ideas of nice modular homes, it should be clear that this option is a better one compared to the conventional style, right?
You can have a new house in within weeks only aside of months. The cost is also cheaper since everything will already be done by the factory. There will be no need of hiring anyone for sure. Let’s say that the idea of having nice modular homes is like having a kind of instant version of house building.
Description: Nice modular homes are getting more and more popular today. The reasons are that this style of house is highly beneficial in terms of time and money consumption in the building.

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The Authentic Ideas and Considerations of Ranch Modular Homes

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Do you have the thought to build one of those fascinating ranch modular homes? If the answer is yes then you are very lucky. How so? There are the authentic ideas of the house design in ranch style that you could incorporate easily. This particular ranch house design was first made back in 1920s. The basic idea was the Spanish colonial building in Southwest America. That was the original and old idea of this style. Today you could see the developed version which is the combination of modern style and that style resulting in the so called California ranch-style.
Talking about the ranch modular homes, there are certain features that are only possessed by this style of house. The exterior of the house offers several highly distinguishing features. There is the use of a long and low roofline along with the use of wood, brick, or stucco as the materials for the exterior. In terms of the windows usually you will see large windows as one of the iconic characteristics of this style. This large window is usually the one leading to the living room that is also called as the picture window. One more thing that is authentically seen in the ranch house style is the use of sliding doors leading into the patio area.
Moving into the interior of the ranch modular homes you will be able to get open floor plan all over the area. It means that the room could actually be only one with some pieces of furniture play their role as the room separation. This one is the key that this particular style of house could have a very wide look all over the place. There will be no feeling of having such narrow space inside the house with an open floor plan like this.
Now are you curious about the benefits of ranch modular homes? Surely you want to know more about it, right? One good thing is the fact that it is always affordable. Even if you want to buy the normal version of the house, not the modular one, you can still have an affordable cost to pay. Furthermore you could have a great look of such iconic style of house if you decide to have this style.
It is true though that today there are more and more people prefer to have the classic style in many things including house design. You will certainly get the classic appeal by going for the ranch style house. Once you have gotten the ideas regarding ranch modular homes style, surely now is your time to think of the possible considerations first. Is it the one that you really want?
Is it the one that you really need? Will everything be perfect for everyone if you have family already? A clear thinking is needed to find the answers of those questions since it will affect the life of you and your family as well. Regardless of everything though, the ranch modular homes is such a great choice of house design.
Description: Ranch modular homes could really be one great option of house design. It offers several good things such as having a classic appeal since it was originated from 1920s.

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Consider These Things upon Deciding to Have 2 Story Modular Homes

2 story modular home floor plans

Things related to the decision making in terms of house to stay are always important especially if you have a plan to build one of those 2 story modular homes. The important point in this matter is the idea to have a 2 story or 2 levels of floor in your house. Surely you have to be able to think of it very well at first before getting into your final decision to really have a 2 story house design or simply a 1 floor home.
Related to the idea of having 2 story modular homes, there are several things that you should really consider and carefully think at first. This will determine the fact whether or not that you need such 2 story house to stay. First thing to think about is the fact that size is not everything. When it comes to the idea of having 2 floor modular house, certainly it will have a bigger size which means it offers bigger space. Unfortunately today it is true that size is not everything.
So unless that you are among those people who have a very limited space to build your house, be sure to leave the option of building 2 story house. Why so? By deciding to have only a single story house you will be able to save a lot of your money for the construction. Moreover the use of stairs might not be a good idea for kids and elderly. Besides you will also be able to have a more open area if you skip the option to have 2 story modular homes and go for the single story option.
Another thing that you have to consider is the value of money that you will need to spend. Definitely having the 2 story modular homes could eat up a lot of your money. Yet is it really worth to pay? Think of the benefits that you will get by having two story house then try to use the cost needed to measure the final value of your house. If you think that you could really get more benefits than the cost to pay then it is a good thing to choose.
When it comes to the value, it affects the price of your house as well just in case that you plan to sell it later on. So think wisely on this matter. One more thing to keep in mind is the fact that by having 2 story modular homes you can have separated living spaces. You can have more types of room separated from one another. It could also offer a prime looking building since it could be tall in comparison to the single story house.
Some people really prefer the idea of having tall house since it looks majestic. It is also space efficient since you will not need such large area of empty lot to build the house. Now are you going to build the 2 story modular homes or go for the single story house?
Description: 2 story modular homes could be one of the choices aside of the single story version. There are things to consider at first such as the cost to pay that could be expensive.

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Enhancing Your Living Room with Large Modern Floor Vases

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There are many ways you can do to decorate your living room. You can simply decorate the living room by adding decorative stuffs such as hanging framed artworks or throwing colorful pillows on living room sofa. However, have you considered using the large modern floor vases to decorate your living room instead? The big floor vases may consume extra floor space in your living room. However, the overall effect is surely something you cannot ignore easily.
There are many design styles and colors you can explore as you browse through the large modern floor vases options. This way, you can make your decision based on your personal taste. However, remember that the choice of large or tall floor vases contemporary you pick needs to coordinate with your living room interior design style. For example, take a look at this monochrome living room showing various shades of brown with a hint of warm grey accent. To complement the living room interior color scheme, the choice of tall and large contemporary floor vases here demonstrates the similar hue that is improved with sleek and shiny surface.
In some cases, you do not need to go overboard with your large modern floor vases choice. Just take a look at this modern mid century inspired dining room interior design. Wrapped in off white paint color paired with natural wooden tone, this dining room already enjoys the beautiful look without having to go overwhelming. Paired with the accent wall is decorated with rich blue artwork, the choice of tall and large black floor vase here beautifully complements the minimalist interior design style this room demonstrates.
Do you want to go totally unique but artistic for your living room decoration? Consider one of large modern floor vases here. As the white room exposes the use of white paint to cover the exposed brick wall, you can already sense there is something artistically extraordinary with this room. Well, we personally adore the choice of rich orange accent to pop in this airy room beautifully. As if it is not unique enough, see how the black and white striped floor vase can add extra uniqueness without being too queer to see.
What about painted large modern floor vases? Painted floor vase will help you adding pop of color in your room, especially if your living room is covered in neutral colors like in this beautiful space. As you can see, dominated in neutral and natural colors definitely has its own charm, especially since this living room thus can enjoy the warm and soothing vibe. However, see how the choice of emerald green vase here can add more interest and charm without disrupting the overall look.
Another idea for no-fail large modern floor vases can be spotted in this contemporary living room. To exploit the dramatic shape and texture the natural elements possess, this living room simply opts for transparent glass tall and large floor vase placed at the end of floating living room cabinet. Well, even if you design your living room in colorful interior, see-through vase like this will never fail you!
Description: Large modern floor vases have the wonderful design you can exploit to improve the appearance of your living room interior design with various colors and design shapes.

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Spectacular Ultra Modern Houses Showing Streamlined Exterior Design

ultra modern house

There are many ultra modern houses you can find and explore to keep you inspired. Starting from ultra modern home plans to architecture design, there are many idea inspirations you can explore. Today, however, we will take you to see ultra modern architecture inspirations showing clean, crisp, and streamlined exterior that goes totally brilliant from minimalist to spectacular. If you want to remodel your home exterior to be totally fabulous and fantastic, these ultra modern residences definitely should not be missed!
Let’s start from one of ultra modern houses here. The unique architectural shape is emphasized by crisp and clean lines dominating the exterior. The unique lot shape is maximized to keep the extraordinary exterior design in balance. You definitely will love seeing this ultra modern building during the nights than days, especially due to the generous use of exterior lighting. Rather than simply illuminating the outdoor space, the outdoor lightings are spectacularly added to improve the appearance of this residence fabulously.
This L-shaped house shows the intriguing combination of streamlined exterior and natural lush greeneries surrounding the site. As one of ultra modern houses here surely can manage to keep the interior concealed from public, the presence of outdoor swimming pool to fill the empty space surely will not be wasted so easily. As you can see, this house also employs the transparent glass element generously to open up the indoor rooms to outdoor spaces. With plenty of glass elements dominating the exterior design, you can see how they are brilliantly added to accentuate the clean lines forming this L-shaped house architectural style.
There is no reason to hate one of ultra modern houses here. The sense of openness is brilliantly added here without violating the needs for privacy. With generous use of glass element, this ultra modern house also incorporates the use of steel frame defining its spectacular exterior design. We personally adore how the exterior design can blends with the ultra modern yard design fantastically, which is also designed with clean lines dominating every inch of space.
If you do not mind going totally open, one of ultra modern houses here definitely is something you have to see. This single story contemporary residence takes full advantage from its perfectly secluded verdant site, which benefits from lush greeneries to serve as natural barrier to keep unwanted eyes from peeking into this house. You can see the cantilever-like architectural design style can help emphasizing the streamlined design with totally open interior—even the ultra modern house plans here leave the bathroom open to allow the greeneries defining the ambience and mood inside the space.
Last but not least, we have this U-shaped home as one of most inspiring ultra modern houses. The muted tone cladding the exterior walls is beautifully matched with generous use of glass element to establish total openness between indoors and outdoors. You can also see the wooden paneling accenting the exterior wall, thus helping establishing the warm feeling that enhances the appearance of this home exterior design. In general, this house blends beautifully with its green environment.
Description: Ultra modern houses have the fantastic and spectacular design you definitely would not want to miss, especially the streamlined details that can go from minimalist to lavish.

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Modern Ranch House Plans to Open the Small Kitchen

1 story house plans

If you have your home designed in ranch house plans with small kitchen, you may find it truly tempting to be remodeled. It is especially true if you want to revamp your current living place with more modern home plans or even contemporary home plans, where the kitchen floor plan is commonly open. Today, we have some tips and tricks you can do for more modern ranch house plans with open kitchen space design.
The ranch style houses, even in modern era, still have many features that appeal home buyers. Usually, the ranch style houses are mechanically and structurally sound with iconic low pitched roof designed with wide overhangs protecting the sidings and windows. This way, the maintenance for home exterior can be kept to minimum. The ranch style trim is also easy to mix and match or reproduce. The trim also looks great with retro or modern cabinetry and furnishings, thus making the modern ranch house plans are still in favor. However, the enclosed kitchen that is common in ranch houses appears to be one major drawback, especially for homeowners who want to maintain the openness and interaction in kitchen space.
Thus, what can we do to open up the kitchen space in modern ranch house plans? Since the enclosed kitchen is often characterized with a solid wall as partition, you can simply remove the wall to open up the space. Usually, the wall keeps the kitchen closed from either dining or living room. By removing the wall, you can incorporate a wonderful view your living room can see while establishing a wide and open space for family or guests gathering while allowing the cook maintain an interaction with them.
As the kitchen is now more open in modern ranch house plans, you will be surprised seeing how the kitchen work space can be expanded too. There are many kitchen remodel projects in a beautiful ranch house that used to have space enough only for one cook. With the wall removed, you can thus reroute the traffic. This way, you may find more possible spaces to expand the work space by adding one extra cooking zone with kitchen table for guests.
When you are done expanding and opening up the kitchen space for your modern ranch house plans, you may want to consider reface the kitchen cabinets. Since the kitchen is now open, it is now easier to see from dining and living room, or even the porch located right outside the living room. Thus, you will need to consider the appearance of your kitchen, ensuring it coordinates greatly with the surroundings.
Only if your kitchen cabinets are still in good condition, you do not need to remodel it since remodeling the modern ranch house plans is already costly enough. You can simply reface the cabinet doors and drawer fronts to give a new and fresh look. In doing so, you may take cue from the living and dining room interior design style to ensure the overall look coordinates flawlessly.
Description: Modern ranch house plans remodel for small kitchen have characteristics of modern design style to build a more comfortable and convenient place to work with.

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What You Want to Notice First in Modern Craftsman House Plans


Even though our lifestyle is more and more modern each and every day, the craftsman style homes are still wonderful choice you can pick as your living place. Well, it is not surprising since the craftsman home plans have certain distinctive characteristics making them easily identified. Now, we can find many modern craftsman house plans ideas that will inspire you if you are looking for reference to revamp your current living place. However, there are some things you need to note first before you finally work on your design.
Let’s start from the entry porch. In general, it is a transitional space bridging outdoor and indoor rooms. The room is also used to store shoes and seasonal coats. Thus, you definitely need to make sure the modern craftsman house plans can accommodate the various needs of a proper entry porch, no matter if you have a small entry. After all, remember that an obvious entry will help the family organizing both of coming and going of the daily routine while offering a sense of privacy.
Now, let’s move to the living room. It is common for modern craftsman house plans to design the living room on deep, narrow lots to ensure the orientation of the room toward the street side of the building while pushing the bathrooms and bedrooms upstairs or to the rear of the lot, thus ensuring the privacy for private rooms. You may notice craftsman house living room is famous for its fireplace. Typically, the fireplace is centered on outside wall and flanked by high bookcases or windows. Even in modern craftsman style house, this design plan is still popular in use.
Unlike modern dining and kitchen design, the craftsman house often has dining room that is usually separated from kitchen with sideboard or solid wall. In more modern craftsman house plans, you can expect the interior will be more open, thus offering connection with kitchen instead of separating them. However, in general, do not forget that the dining room is the center for family meals. With the Craftsman Bungalow Renaissance, dining room has been designed to be a sub space of kitchen.
The kitchen in craftsman house used to be a room that was simply occupied for storing, cooking, and prepping food. After 1920s, the more modern craftsman house plans were no longer a room that was isolated from other spaces. It was fully integrated as a public space, which pushed the popularity of arts and crafts inspired joinery and mill work for the craft. However, craftsman house kitchen still has the characters of its roots, such as the use of stone materials.
Surprisingly, staircase plays an important role in craftsman house design plan. Even in more modern craftsman house plans, staircase is still essential. Generally, staircase is a vertical room connecting the spaces, especially the public ones, in a home to the more private rooms that are usually located upstairs. However, it is important to note that staircase needs to be in proportion with the available size of your house.
Description: Modern craftsman house plans have a unique style that can be easily identified by generous use of natural materials, clean lines, and decorative gables.

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Inspiring Modern Ranch Style House Plans Design Ideas

contemporary homes

There is no reason not to adore and amaze the ranch style houses. As if the traditional ranch style is not wonderful enough, now you can find this style is beautifully enhanced with modern touch. If you are interested in remodeling or building your current living place to explore the beauty of this amazing home design style, we have some modern ranch style house plans ideas you definitely would not want to miss easily. Without further due, let’s check these modern to contemporary ranch style house plans ideas!
We personally find the modern ranch style house plans have more interests. It is especially true as they are brilliantly designed to enjoy the advantage of open floor plan that is now more and more popular in modern house interior design plan. The modern house plans design also allows the ranch style residences to enjoy the more intimate feeling overflowing inside the building, for instance, by opening the kitchen to dining and living room. You can do this without splurging your money by using high quality yet affordable kitchen cabinets, such as from IKEA.
This one is another inspiration for modern ranch style house plans with open floor, especially for master bedroom. This is purposefully done to accommodate the homeowners’ needs, which were expecting for their first baby. Thus, the master bedroom is open to the nursery as they are occupying the same floor. To maximize the sense of openness, this master bedroom is designed with high ceiling as well as large glass window. Make sure the window size is proportional to the size of the room.
Airy and snuggly are what this open living area all about. This will be a great inspiration for you who are looking for modern ranch style house plans with spacious and open living room. The stunning modern mid century touch in this living area incorporates the use of transparent glass element generously, thus allowing plenty of natural light flooding in this open room beautifully. To maintain the airiness, glazed glass is used for kitchen cabinet fronts. However, to ensure this room is perfectly snuggly, this room also utilizes wooden element generously.
Do you want to ensure your living place can enjoy the wonder and charm of its outdoor space? Then, one of modern ranch style house plans here definitely will be totally worthy to explore! This inspiring contemporary ranch house plans design will show you that the sense of openness is not only presented for indoor living space. As this contemporary home is designed to be perfectly secluded from public’s eyes, this home thus exploits this advantage by providing cozy outdoor lounge that enjoys the freshness offered by water feature in the garden.
Looking for modern ranch style house plans with low ceiling? This beautiful small home surely will be a great reference for you. Looking at the small living room, the sense of small space here is beautifully packed with white interior to prevent the cramped feeling. You may want to consult with your architect for an illusion of much larger room.
Description: Modern ranch style house plans have certain characteristics making them totally inspiring and special. There are some swoon-worthy ideas you can explore to inspire you.

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Beautiful Mid Century Modern Vase to Decorate Your Beautiful Home Interior

mid century accessories

There are many ways you can do to decorate your home interior. You can start by adding decorative items to fill in empty spaces in every room. Well, in doing so, you can find there are many wonderful items you can use. One of them is by using beautiful vases available in various sizes, design styles, and colors. Today, we will take you to see beautiful home decorating ideas featuring the use of mid century modern vase to occupy blank spots. Starting from mid century modern pottery vase to colorful mid century modern glass vase, the options are plenty.

Why mid century modern vase? We personally find decorating a room using vase is really interesting and convenient. The availability of decorative vases in various sizes will make it totally easy for you in choosing ones that will suit both your needs and personal preference. For example, take a look at this cool hallway design. The glass windows are simply designed with a couple of glass vases in black to add more weight in this light and airy room.

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